We Believe That...

At Olivers Hill Farm we believe that each and every student has much greater potential than their past performance in school would indicate and that to unlock this potential an individual learning programme is required. We have many years experience working with young people who have found it hard to achieve within formal education. We have therefore designed a system  that acknowledges the barriers to learning often experienced by looked after children, using interactive, online lessons as a basis for accessing the national curriculum, accompanied by individually organised practical, vocational, face-to-face learning sessions.

Well-Rounded Scheme of Learning...

A complete and well rounded scheme of learning is thus provided to each student to maximise their educational potential and retain sufficient flexibility to maintain their interest whilst offering a preparation for the world of work and adulthood in general. We take into account the Statement of Special Educational Need and couple this with initial, and ongoing, assessments, to devise a unique timetable based on custom designed schemes of work, to focus on the strengths of each student and gently stretch their academic base. We seek to fire up the imagination with reference to their particular interests and abilities, rather than to continue to unsuccessfully try to force a square peg into a round hole, offering a way back into education for pupils of all abilities. A base-line assessment is carried out soon after admission, allowing subject content to be targeted at an appropriate level, to challenge the learner without creating further barriers to learning. Regular assessments will provide evidence to gauge progress and end of term reports will be provided. Each young person has a Learning Mentor, who maintains regular key-teacher sessions to further ensure that the young person is getting the most out of their educational experience.

No Ordinary Farm...

Olivers Hill Farm isn't an ordinary farm. Everyone involved with it brings a wealth of skills and are fully trained and experienced in working with young people at all levels. Tailor made educational packages that will suit the needs of every young person are organised and seen through by teachers and project workers equipped to deal with young people of all behaviours. We can teach your own courses utilising our own facilities and staff on the Farm accredited by you but delivered by us and should students excel at learning with Oliver's Hill there is the possibility of graduating to the highly regarded Plumpton College.

Whether it is a one day taster course, a fully accredited learning programme, or a course to support work in the National Curriculum (which will be accredited through the AQA unit award scheme), or even a Level 1 BTEC qualification for the post 16 student; Olivers Hill Farm delivers real learning in a real environment which provides a real experience with more than your average farmer  so bring your wellies!

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